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Himmel voller Geigen

Irmgard Hitzig is 89, soon she will be 90 years old. She lives alone and actually never leaves the house. Therfore Mrs. Hitzig gets visit every day of her students. She still teaches violin and plays it since 78 years passionately. Her music room is the same, since the 40s until today. But Mrs. Hitzig is not as quick and agile as ever. Her walker helps her in moving, which she affectionately calls ,Rolls Royce'.

One day a young woman is visiting. She is shooting a film.
The black cat looks at the camera suspiciously.
But the "limb of Satan" says Mrs.Hitzig would quickly get used to everything.
Both women are excited. What will happen?
Between past and future Irmgard and Uisenma are floating in the present and confronting each-other. Curious and attentive they emerge a dialogue.
A question that the young filmmaker asks herself all the time:
This old lady, so fragile and delicate, where she takes all the energy from?

What remains is a sound of those days where the women got closer.
The old meets the new generation, an old lady a young woman.
A documentary that tries to build bridges and charming by crossing borders.