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Study programs (overview)

HFF Munich offers five degree programs: Feature Film and Television Feature (Dept. III), Film and Television Documentary (Dept. IV), Production and Media Business (Dept. V), Screenplay (Dept. VI) and Cinematography (Dept. VII).

The course offerings within the disciplines Media Studies (Dept. I) and Technology (Dept. II) are required curricula for all students. It is not possible to apply for a course of study restricted to these subjects.

Students seeking deeper understanding or specialization can take advantage of the special study schemes and subdepartments offered by Departments II to VII:

VFX (specialization / Dept. II), Film Editing (specialization / Dept. III & IV), Television Journalism (subdepartment / Dept. IV), Advertising (subdepartment / Dept. V), Creative Writing (specialization / Dept. VI), Serial Storytelling (specialization / Dept. VI) or Image, Light, Space (specialization / Dept. VII).

HFF Munich students can also apply for the extension course offered in collaboration with the August Everding Bavarian Theater Academy: Theater, Film and Television Criticism.

You can apply for these five study programs at the Munich University of Television and Film:

The course content provided by the following two departments is obligatory for all students:

With these courses, you can expand and deepen your knowledge.