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Dept. VI - Screenplay

The Screenplay program is linked with the other HFF Munich study programs, promoting constant exchange with them. This includes fundamental knowledge of film direction, cinematography, editing and production.

Our screenwriting students learn how to communicate with film and television industry professionals and develop stories – ranging from TV series or movies all the way to a demanding debut feature. Our students grow familiar with distributors, film funding structures, broadcasters and production companies. In pitches and idea competitions, our budding screenwriters introduce their stories to the industry. Each year, this generates projects with companies and broadcasters.

We hold regular workshops with professional writers, granting insight into their ways of working. This is also where our students collaborate with directing and production students – writing teams that continue even after graduation.

Our screenwriting students are as different as the scripts they write. They have backgrounds in journalism, in prose or music, in the theater; they come from film or television internships. What they share is a desire for lively exchange through writing. Since screenwriting students are on a constant search for people and their stories, they spend a great deal of time observing and listening.  

Industry cooperation

Cooperation (as of May 2013)

At our regular Speed Pitch, HFF Munich invites producers to meet our screenwriting students and listen to their ideas. This initiates collaboration.

BR – Writing in a Team (Dept. VI and Dept. V) – These seminars foster quality short film projects, supported by Bavarian public broadcaster BR. In 2013 two films were shot, by screenwriters Doris Seisenberger and Sina Flammang.

Pro7 SAT1 Mainstream Award – Initiated three years ago, this initiative has already benefited numerous HFF students. A project conceived by Lena Stahl (Dept. IV) is being produced together with X-Filme in 2013.

SKY AWARD – Launched in May 2013, the project is designed to generate stories for quality TV series.

RTL Primetime Pitch – Launched in June 2013, the project is designed to generate sitcom stories.

Writing for TV formats – We team up with producers from Bavaria Film and dramaturge / writer Jörg Zimmermann. In 2012 and 2013, this generated several screenplay contracts for students, above all the ZDF series “Rosenheim Cops”.

Special series seminar (winter semester) – With prominent industry guests. Generated several cooperations and contracts, mainly series concepts.

Individual students and alumni

Katharina Eyssen, class of 2011. Feature screenplay Morgen bin ich blond (“Tomorrow I’m blond” ) with producer Sven Burgemeister (HFF alumnus) and director Marc Rothemund.

Tristan Fiedler, class of 2012. Pro 7 SAT1 is developing his treatment, with Felix Kempter, into a TV movie.

Anna Schneider. Her diploma feature screenplay Survival is being developed with the producers Walker + Worm Film GmbH.

Ariane Schröder. Her diploma screenplay is being produced by Majestic Filmproduktion’s Florian Gallenberger and Benjamin Hermann,  together with director Christian Zübert.

Gisèle Mbamu. Her diploma screenplay is Vier Jahreszeiten.

Another feature film screenplay, Pauls Albtraum (“Paul’s Nightmare”), has been optioned by Oberon Film GmbH, Alexander Funk and Anja Jacobs.

Annette Lies has published two novels (with Heyne Publishing) during her studies. Her first novel Saftschubse was optioned by Network Movie (producer Bettina Wente).

Sedat Aslan, student. He and Pro 7 SAT1 Fiction are developing his treatment “Assessment Center”  into a TV movie.  

Anne M. Keßel, student. She and Pro 7 SAT1 are developing her treatment “Von Gurken and Vögeln”  into a TV movie.

Zita Erffa, She and Pro 7 SAT1 are developing her treatment “Hinter dem Schleier” into a TV movie. Annette Schönwälder works as head script reader for Pro7 SAT1.

Silvia Wolkan. student. The film based on her feature-length diploma script Sibylle is distributed by X-Filme. Dramaturgical work on the documentary film Schildkrötenwut.