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Registrar's office

The student secretariat of the university will gladly answer your questions about formalities, appointments and study programs.

  • Deadlines

    Wintersemester 2020/2021

    Lecture starts on Monday, October 5th, 2020
    Lecture ends Friday, February 26th, 2021

  • Re-registration

    The registration for the summersemester 2021 took place in November 2020.

    Feedback information:
    You are re-registered with the timely transfer of the student union fee. If you re-register on time, you will receive your leporello and your student ID (with MVV authorization for the semester ticket) in good time before the new semester.

    Please send address changes and changes in health insurance to the student secretariat of the HFF

    According to the vote of the students of the HFF Munich on December 14, 2016
    HFF has been participating in the MVV semester ticket since the summer semester of 2018.
    Since the registration for the summer semester 2018, a contribution for the semester ticket has been charged to the basic fee for the Studentenwerk.
    To register for the summer semester 2021, transfer a total of € 144.40 (student union fee € 75.00 plus solidarity fee semester ticket € 69.40).

    The fee for the semester ticket must be paid by all students upon re-registration, even in the case of a vacation semester.
    You can find information from the MVV on the semester ticket here:

    Note for students who want to apply for a vacation semester:
    The full student union fee (SoSe 2021: amount of € 75.00) and the solidarity fee for the semester ticket (€ 69.40) must also be paid in the holiday semester.

    Exemption from the contribution for the semester ticket is only possible for severely disabled students: upon presentation of the ID for severe disabilities in conjunction with the supplementary sheet for free transportation and a valid token for the right to free transportation.
    There are no other exemptions.

    Data protection information according to Articles 12 to 14
    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for all enrolled students at the HFF Munich.


  • Vacation requests

    If you want to apply for a holiday, please contact your specialist department first.

    As a matter of principle, leave requests can only be applied for for one semester each, including parental leave.

    Vacation semesters must be applied for within these deadlines:
    - for the summer semester, by April 30 at the latest
    - for the winter semester, no later than October 30th

    The application can only be made if the important reason for the leave of absence occurs later, without this being foreseeable
    - for the summer semester no later than June 5,
    - for the winter semester no later than December 5.

    Leave of absence due to illness, stay abroad, internship, individual case examination:
    No coursework and exams can be taken during the leave of absence; Repetition of failed tests is possible (Art. 48 Para. 3 BayHSchG).

    Students cannot borrow any equipment during the vacation semester and also cannot book editing rooms or other rooms (cinemas, sound mixing, etc.) at the HFF Munich.

  • Maternity and parental leave

    Dear students, with this information sheet we would like to inform you about maternity protection and parental leave. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Malberg at the student secretariat.

    Leave of absence due to maternity leave, parental leave:

    Pursuant to Art. 48 Para. 4 BayHSchG, students can complete study and examination work during the leave of absence despite the leave of absence due to the use of maternity leave or parental leave (including care for a close relative).

    Examination periods do not continue.

    However, deadlines for repeating failed tests continue to run despite leave of absence (Art. 48 para. 3 BayHSchG). An application for an extension of the repetition period must therefore be submitted to the Examination Board.

    Students on maternity leave are subject to special conditions, including Employment ban 6 weeks before the calculated birth date and 8 weeks after the birth.



  • Examination regulations

    You will find all the HFF Munich examination regulations at: Regulations/ Statutes of HFF Munich (in the section "Students").

  • First aid and Fire protection

  • Confidants

Confidants: for e.g. Advice on chronic illness, overload, financial worries, bullying, problems in the course of your studies ... (Christina Heeck) (David Spaeth)