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Es war einmal

Once upon a time there was a house on an overgrown hill in the middle of Germany. This is the home my parents built, it's where my sister, my three brothers and I spent our childhood. In the wilderness of our garden we grew up like ivy twining around each other. Right after finishing school I move away to study, and life in our house changes. My parents stop talking to each other. As their children are leaving one after another, they are confronted with emptiness and unfulfilled dreams. Slowly their marriage sinks deeper into crisis, they drift apart and all seems lost.
When you are a child, you think your parents' home will exist forever. "Once upon a time" tells the story of a family in the moment of change. It is the personal story of the filmmaker, an intimate farewell to childhood.


Wettbewerb "Goldener Herkules"

OFF Cinema Poznan//25.11.2015


Award in the category Wettbewerb

DOK.fest München//2016

Nomination in the category FFF Nachwuchspreis