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Extension Studies courses

Extension Studies courses

The SFT Extension Studies program addresses filmmakers from all fields – cinematography, directing and production – as well as the employees of film technology companies.

Your instruction is in the hands of such HFF Munich teachers as Professor Dr.-Ing. Peter C. Slansky and Professor Axel Block. For our expert workshops, we are pleased to welcome to HFF Munich such external instructors as Charles Poynton, Michael Radeck, Michael Laakmann or Isabelle Voinier.

The SFT finances itself, so fees are charged for courses. The courses are recognized and certified and AZWV-financedoder sollte das zertifiziert heißen?, and therefore can be cofinanced, up to 100%, through training vouchers and training bonuses.

For more information about our current program, just notify us at We also welcome topic suggestions and ideas for new seminars.

Cinematography studies 

We designed our basic seminar Film Technology in close consultation with film technology enterprises and applying the tried-and-proven HFF learning concept – a combination of practical and theoretical training. This is supplemented with an e-learning structure comprising four modules, numerous educational films and hundreds of pages of course content. To have a look at our e-learning guest account, go to:

The topics covered in our basic seminar Film Technology range from lighting, sound, optics, workflows, production, digital lab, compositing, and editing, to green-screen shooting with an HD camera, or creative work with a 3D rig. The modules, all individually bookable, last from one to six days.

We also offer seminars tailored to a specific group of learners. Twice already we have had the pleasure of hosting four-day seminars for groups from the European Patent Office.

Expert workshops

Our expert workshops have met with tremendous interest. The two workshops Stops, Steps and LUTs, and Camera Designers Algorithm Workshop, with Canadian HD expert Charles Poynton, drew researchers from numerous European countries to HFF Munich. They provided simultaneous top professional training for film technicians, and HFF students, assistants and professors alike. The Workshop Makeup HD with Isabelle Voinier and Dirk Meier thrilled the attending makeup designers. The typical response of one makeup veteran:  “A hearty thank you! Tomorrow, for the first time in years, I’m going to enjoy going to work, because now I know how I can do a better job. In my job, you can never experiment, because you can’t afford to make a mistake!

Film Technology Days

Our first HFF Munich Film Technology Day, Reportage Lighting, was held on 23 March 2013. With financial support from the Ministry of Science, the event was organized in collaboration with the association of television cinematographers, Bundesverband der Fernsehkameraleute (BVFK).

For the first time, employees of film technology companies, freelancers, and students, from other media schools and HFF Munich alike, were gathered for a hands-on workshop. The response from  participants, as well as from the participating film technology companies (ARRI, KFlect, Dedo Weigert), was enthusiastic.  
“More events like this!” was the tenor of the feedback – which we intend to heed. This form of event, in cooperation with associations and film technology companies, we intend to offer more frequently.

We look forward to your inquiries – whether as a presenter or potential workshop participant – at

Cinematography and Editing Forums

Since 2005, the HFF Cinematography Department has organized Cinematography Forums, in collaboration with the German cinematographer association Bundesverband Filmkamera and the SFT. In this format, we invite an image artist to present a film. The ensuing discussion examines the process of the film’s evolution – what visual concept was developed and how; what technical difficulties were encountered in shooting, and how were they solved? In 2010, in response to the huge interest, we added editing forums. In each forum, an editor answers questions on the editing process of a specific film. With its unique form, this extremely educational program addresses not only film technicians grounded in professional practice, but also students and technophilic laymen. To stay informed about all our forums, please sign up on our mailing list.

Government support

In 2011, in response to growing interest on the part of freelancers in our training, we were able to enlist as a partner the Educational Institute of Industry and Commerce in Bavaria.

Our courses are AZWV certified, meaning they can be cofinanced by means of Bildungsgutschein (training voucher) and Bildungsprämie (training bonus). The film funding board FFA offers additional Extension Studies assistance. We’ll be happy to advise you!