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Chair: Digital Effects

VFX Is a Perfectly Normal Film Production Craft

At HFF Munich, VFX is already an integral part of our digital postproduction curriculum (under the supervision of Christoffer Kempel). For our new VFX chair, the University has added a professor recruited straight from the industry, for official on-campus consultation.

One objective is to show our students that VFX need not be a costly or complicating matter. For some projects, digital retouching can often be simpler than completely re-assembling or altering a set. Visual effects have become so well-established that their role, in many film projects, is as essential as that of the makeup department, set design, or lighting. Because, beyond a certain point, the visual effects help tell the story. Our students should learn to consider the potential of VFX from the very start of their film projects.

Our course offerings include a mandatory elective week, during which our students focus exclusively on Visual Effects. Each day of this week is dedicated to a different aspect of Visual Effects, such as Producing, Supervising, or Concept Arts. Regardless of whether students are budding producers or directors, they need to know how Visual Effects work.

HFF Munich is committed to teaching all the visual effects needed for live-action filmmaking – not only for fiction films, but also for documentaries and commercials.

(The text above includes excerpts from an interview with Prof. Michael Coldewey published in the Film News Bayern Blog. To read the complete interview, click here).