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Schildkröten Panzer

An unusual place in Munich - a rescue center for reptiles - becomes the intersection of the story of a German soldier and a Syrian turtle. 
The army specialist in parasite prevention and corpse hygiene, has been traveling to war zones for the last 15 years - Afghanistan, Mali and Ex-Yugoslavia - escaping bureaucratic routine. For his next overseas deployment he is being trained to handle dangerous reptiles - cobras, rattle snakes, crocodiles. Stalk, catch, neutralise. 
On the same floor the colors of the Syrian rebel flag are being cleaned off the shell of 'Ayshe' - a turtle confiscated at the boarder by German authorities. At the same time the owner, a Syrian war refugee, is getting a first hand look at the European bureaucracy, with little chance of getting her turtle back.

DOK Leipzig//2017

Award in the category Healthy Workplaces Film Award

Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival//2018