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Lucy is 25 year old woman who dreams of living an
exciting life. She is pursuing a career as a director
hoping to gain access to Hollywood's elite. In her
hometown Munich she worked as an assistant director
at local theaters and produced a few short films. But it
seems to her that Germany doesn't offer her the
opportunities she is looking for. Being bound to a
wheelchair since early childhood she feels left alone
with her work and her ambitions. She travels to London
where she wants to get in touch with the theater- and
film hoping to find a mentor who could help her reach
her goals. Lucy is accompanied by her mother Gika and
her two assistants Doro and Inana. Although she is
blind Gika is a passionate musician spending most of
her time playing her guitar. With Lucy's sight and Gika's
body the two have a relationship that is almost
Despite of a film career Lucy dreams of finding the man
who will take her on her first date. But the days in
London pass uneventfully. While Gika and the
assistants get on their ways through the city Lucy
continues to gaze at London through window glass. Her
dreams seem to collide with reality and she needs to
find an answer to the question what success means to
her and why she so desperately wants it.