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  • Recep

    / 4

  • Doppelmord

    / 4

  • Recep und sein Vater in der Bäckerei

    / 4

  • Recep am Meer

    / 4

Double Murder

“And then?” – “Then I killed him. Stabbed him to death.” Korinna Krauss is talking to Recep Soylou, a man who was imprisoned in Germany for 14 years for a double murder and then deported to Turkey where he has since run a bakery together with his parents.
The film’s dispassionate response to its protagonists and their naïve openness makes it all the more oppressive. The monstrousness of what is being discussed is fragmented and thrown into contrast by small absurd everyday stories of the father and son in their bakery.
A man and his deed. Intense and disturbing. A thriller. (Ysabel Fantou, DOK.fest Munich)

English/Original Title: Double Murder. Writer: Korinna Krauss. Camera: Tim Fehlbaum. Sound: Korinna Krauss. Editing: Miriam Märk & Korinna Krauss. Production: HFF München. Producer: Korinna Krauss. Length: 35 min.

Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München//2012

Nomination in the category Megaherz Filmschulpreis, FFF-Förderpreis Dokumentarfilm

sehsüchte || Internationales Studentenfilmfestival//2012

Nomination in the category bester Dokumentarfilm kurz

Lange Nacht der Museen in München//2013

Starter Filmpreis der Stadt München//2013

Filmschoolfest Munich//2013