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below the line

A documentary about brown-furred polar bears, yellow elephants, and likable demeanour

A yellow elephant on the street – would that convince you to put an advertisement in the yellow pages? Would you be willing to say „Would you like a wristband?“ all day long? Does walking the streets dressed as a bear mean selling your soul? Is it less satisfying to promote a tanning salon than a brand of sneakers?

Amelie, Caro, and Ralf are working in the universe of promotion, trade shows, and merchandising. Jens Pfeifer and Denis D. Lüthi have followed them for a year: How does it feel to bring products home to other people?

An industry that aims to win over consumers trough personal experiences within „brand philosophies“. A world that turns young people into marketing tools. Easy money for selling yourself. Whether as a brown-furred polar bear, a yellow elephant, or just with a friendly smile.

Three young people, three inside views, three strategies.