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  • Polizeizeistelle

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  • Grenze Marokko

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Back to the South

The political refugee Fiston Massamba has stranded on his escape route from
Congo to Europe in Morocco. In constant anxiety of repression and deportation
he lives there for five years until he takes a far-reaching decision: Risking one
last attempt to finally reach Europe. But instead of taking one of the infamous
refugee boats, he follows a rumour that sends him thousands of kilometres back
to the south. But as a refugee Fiston is not allowed to leave Morocco. So he fakes
a passport and takes up a new identity. He is acting illegally in hope of finding a
way to live in freedom and legality.
The road movie documentary accompanies Fiston Massamba on his adventurous
trip, passing two country boarders with a fake passport right through the
Western Sahara and Mauritania all the way down south to Senegal. Will his
dream to reach Europe via this offbeat route finally become true?

Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München//2014

Nomination in the category FFF Förderpreis

FIRST STEPS || Wettbewerb für Abschlussfilme deutschsprachiger Filmschulen//2014

dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg e.V.//8.4.2015