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Being a refugee in Germany means living in between. The burocracy needs years. The refugees are living between the hope of getting a visa and the fear of being deported. The space in between is a life in refugee camps. The refugee camp in the Rosenheimerstraße in Munich consists of two containers and is on a parking place between two highways. Therefore it stands symbolically for the life of the refugees between two worlds: they are not in their countries anymore and did not arrive anywhere. They arrived in no man´s land – angstkommen – fearful arriving.

Angstkommen of what? Of life in tiny rooms without human rights – food packages, 40 Euro pocket money, prohibition to work, to educate, compulsory residence.

The camera moves along the corridor of the refugee camp, looks into the rooms, where the inhabitants sit, lie, stand on their beds, watching tv, waiting, doing nothing, hoping, not hoping. Neonlight, bright yellow and green walls, grey cupboards. Individuality you feel only in the personal details in the room. Suddenly a dancer appears, breaks with the monotony and the imprisonment.

The story is told in one one minute shot.