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”Writing is like a sport. You’ve got to train your writing muscle each day.”
Doris Dörrie

The masters

Masters teach and shape – they help learners discover new abilities, and how to expand and practice them. According to the project and content, we recruit our lecturers from around the globe – professionals keenly passionate about their work who have years of experience and mastery of their craft; who recognize and reinforce our students’ abilities, and can joyfully and vividly convey their own skills. Our lecturers are writers, filmmakers, script coaches and screenwriters; their overall aim being: doing, doing, doing – with plenty of humor, fun, concentration, exchange, polishing and discarding – but also celebrating and enjoying successes.

Here are some names of our masters: Doris Dörrie, Keith Cunningham, Robert Krause, Tom Schlesinger, Ruth Stadler, Mark Travis, Keto von Waberer.

Day in, day out, our trusty crew Maya Reichert and Morgane Remter, work together with Doris Dörrie to launch new ideas and projects that will equip you with the essentials for your path to becoming a filmmaker and writer. This is only possible if we know what you’re able and unable to do, where you need help and what you enjoy – that’s why we attach such importance to constant exchange with our students.

To find out what our current students have created in recent years, go to projects and editions.

Seminars 2012/2013:

1st Draft in 23 Days – screenplay seminar
WritingProject Week abroad, with our new students – annually, since 2000
Treatment-Toolbox Seminar – in 4 days, from idea to short treatment
FLASHBACK – public exhibition
Web series – from idea to post-produced series, in 4 weeks
Games & Transmedia Formats – interdisciplinary workshop: 

Chair: Creative Writing – seminar program

Core studies:

Semester 1 – Writing workshop under the supervision of an experienced author / writer.
Semester 2 – intensive writing seminar with Professor Dörrie “Writing in a Different Place”, along with the corresponding preparation seminar.
Semester 3 – Writing workshop supervised by an experienced author / writer.

Main studies:

Semesters 5 & 7 – These multi-week program segments offers a variety of elements: toolbox seminars on writing theories, or such hands-on workshops as our Web Series seminar.