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The Alumni Office of HFF Munich

Since 1967, when HFF Munich began providing film instruction, the university has graduated some two thousand students. An average of forty to fifty students are enrolled each year, and later, upon completion of their studies, added to the alumni register.

One of the core services for HFF Munich alumni is the constant maintenance of contact data. We regularly research the latest data of our alumni, maintaining an exchange of information with them and requesting updates, when necessary.

We also provide close personal support. Our alumni keep us informed about their current film output and frequently seek contact to former fellow students, to expand their professional networks, within an increasingly complex film landscape.

Moreover, we send out several newsletters a year, updating HFF alumni on current HFF events. We also inform them about important trade events, such as those held during the Berlinale.
The response to our various alumni get-togethers has been very favorable. The last meeting, in 2017, was held as part of HFF Munich‘s fiftieth anniversary.

In addition, we promote an exchange of information between former and current HFF Munich students. Through the alumni, we offer our students industry contacts and extraordinary internships; conversely, for alumni-run production companies, we find motivated young film students eager to gain practical experience. We are in the process of expanding this line of action.

One of our main current projects is the creation of a comprehensive digital film and contact data archive – a research portal for all (former) students