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Target careers

There is no uniform career profile for cinematographers. Their fields of work are too diverse. The Cinematography Department focuses on independent artistic design of image and lighting for both fiction and documentary films, for the cinema, television and video. We also give special consideration to commercials and media that work creatively with images.

The cinematographer, in collaboration with the director and production designer, assumes the responsibility for creating the optical design of a film. This requires comprehensive training in both areas: the art and the technical craft. The skills must cover all phases of production. This begins with the exploration of the story (outline or script) and the collaboration with the director and other departments. The following preparations involve: location scouting, conceptional preparation and technical planning, also with regard to budget aspects.

During the production phase, scenes are blocked and the lighting design is carried out. This requires managing one’s own work and taking responsibility for guiding the crew. Critical appraisal of the product according to aesthetic and technical criteria is crucial. In the final post-production, highly complex technology must be controlled to assure that the intended result is achieved.